Development Classes

2 - 5 years of age children develop a foundation of social skills, and exercise using various body movements, while getting used to the ball and learning how to kick with confidence, essential football skills will begin to take shape: dribbling, changing direction, stopping the ball. See your child grow in confidence and being part of a team.

5 - 8 years of age  children show greater awareness of their surroundings & more confident using different body movements, learn more skills & gain understanding of basic team play, Develop better control running with & stopping the ball, Striking skills for passing & shooting get stronger, confidence builds, making friends becomes natural.

8- 11 years of age Children understand how to kick and control the ball with different parts of the foot, improved concentration and understanding  enables children to practice a wider range of skills, More time is spent playing matches, becoming more confident practising within a game situation and showing better awareness of positional play.